Australian REIT Income Fund


The Fund will invest in an actively managed portfolio comprised primarily of equity securities listed on the ASX issued by Real Estate Issuers. The Fund will be actively managed to take advantage of opportunities within the Australian real estate sector with a focus on Real Estate Issuers that provide an attractive current cash yield and/or capital appreciation opportunities.

The Fund’s investment objectives are to provide holders of units with:

  1. stable monthly cash distributions; and
  2. the opportunity for capital appreciation.

The initial target distribution is $0.055 per Unit per month ($0.66 per annum) representing an annual cash distribution of 5.5% based on the 12.00 per Unit issue price.

Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. is the Manager, and has retained Macquarie Private Portfolio Management Limited (the “Portfolio Manager”) as portfolio manager for the Fund. The Portfolio Manager is a member of the Macquarie Group. The Portfolio Manager will be responsible for the Fund’s investment strategy and will provide portfolio management services to the Fund. The Manager has engaged Avenue Investment Management Inc. to act as the investment advisor in respect of the Fund’s currency hedging strategy.

Fund highlights:

  • Unique exposure to an actively managed Australian Real Estate issuer portfolio
  • Attractive stable monthly income initially targeted at 5.5%
  • International diversification through exposure to the Australian real estate market
  • Experienced Australian portfolio manager